Focus Motor Yachts unveils ultra high-spec ‘GTX’ model

We are excited to announce the addition of a new Limited Edition GTX model to our sports cruiser fleet.

The first of our ultra high-spec GTX variants has been built on the basis of the versatile Focus Power 36, which was introduced to the market at the end of 2020. But while the FP36 always looked like a prime platform for the development of a deluxe variant, the new model was actually inspired by a client with some very exacting requests.

The Focus Motor Yachts CEO said:
“A customer approached us because he needed a supremely capable powerboat that would be small enough to comply with the regulations on his local lakes. Having looked at some of the finest British and Italian boat builders, he was keen to go with our FP36 because of the generosity of the day spaces. But he insisted that his new yacht should be a match for the world’s most revered brands not just in terms of its layout but also in terms of its premium feel, so we worked together to create exactly the boat he wanted.”

With its jet-black hull and topsides, contrasting with teak decks and custom steelwork, the new Focus Power 36 GTX is unquestionably a beautiful boat and the fit-out is also first-class. Both the lower deck spaces and the cockpit seating are lined with Italian leather and all the equipment, from the cooker, the TV and the hifi system to the shower, fridge and bathroom fittings, are sourced from the world’s most exclusive brands.


The GTX also features LED strip lighting along both edges of the side decks for a dash of extra flamboyance. And in addition to its twin 13-inch displays, the new custom-built dashboard includes Quick Nautical Network (QNN) technology, enabling you to control your various on board systems (including the dimmable lights) at the touch of a button.

While Boat Number 01 is a great example of what can be achieved with the new model, there is plenty of customisation potential for owners to explore. Every element of the boat, from materials and colour selection to equipment choice and internal fit-out, can be tailored to meet your needs. And as our CEO is happy to attest, it’s been such a successful project that the new FP36 GTX is now set to become a permanent part of the Focus Power fleet.

He added:

“Having already established itself as the market’s most capable multi-purpose midsized sports cruiser, it’s no surprise that the FP36 has proven to be such an effective bedrock for the development of the new GTX. It’s still a brilliant 50-knot thoroughbred with deck space for ten and sleeping for five - but on the new GTX model, every single detail is literally the best it can be.”

Find out more about what exactly the GTX package includes here