Focus Motor Yachts puts engine rooms at the heart of the matter


At Focus Motor Yachts, we are well known for our painstaking approach to the style, performance and practicality of our yachts - but we also go to great lengths to refine and optimise those regions of the boat that owners rarely see.

As company CEO explains, our engine rooms are a case in point:

“We want our customers to have profound confidence in every element of our boats, so even the things that are hidden from view are designed, engineered and finished as though they are on public display. That’s true of the storage spaces, the utility areas and the bilges - and whether you opt for the fantastic new FP36 or the elegant new Forza 37, it’s true of our engine rooms too.”

Designed and built with decades of on-water experience to call upon, everything, from the insulation to the safety notices and the access points, is carefully arranged to make our boats more reliable, more confidence inspiring and more user-friendly. All the cables, pipes, wires and hoses are intelligently routed, labelled and terminated and there is plenty of room for optional extras, like diesel generators, calorifiers, air conditioning units and gyros.

“The care we take with our engine rooms is central to what we do. It makes the ownership experience more refined. It makes equipment upgrades much simpler. And it enables our engineers to carry out servicing and maintenance with smiles on their faces. I know engine rooms might seem unglamorous to some but here at Focus Motor Yachts, they are – and always will be - a source of the utmost pride!”