We are a full-service Battery pack custom lithium-ion battery pack design, development & manufacturer, with full engineering capabilities. We have well known as a large lithium-ion battery pack designer as well as an electric vehicle battery pack designer and developer. At the heart of the IP-Engineering custom lithium polymer battery pack is an excellent, in-depth knowledge and understanding of Lithium-ion batteries, Heat transfer, Automation, Safety, Reliability, and a constant drive for innovation. Our potent combination of knowledge, experience, and creativity enable us to design, manufacture, and manage industry-leading lithium-polymer battery pack and solutions.

We have designed different custom lithium battery packs for various applications.  We have some rich experiences as an Electric Vehicle battery manufacturer (EV), Plug-in car battery manufacturer (PHIV), and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle battery manufacturer. Each smart lithium-ion battery pack is a complete lithium-ion battery system, including battery management system, thermal management equipment, the various protocol of communications and control interfaces. Our flexible technology solutions are designed to meet different capacity, voltage, and amp-hour requirements. A modular architecture makes our custom lithium polymer battery pack powerful and versatile. We make a high voltage battery pack and large battery pack as custom lithium polymer battery packs as well as custom lithium-ion battery packs. We focus on helping our customers to the best custom lithium-ion battery pack, which cost-effective, environmentally safe, and beyond all of the customer specifications. Let us assist you with the design & development of your custom lithium-ion battery pack.