Advanced battery technologies such as lithium-ion, Lipo & Lifepo4 BMSrequire Battery Management Systems to ensure the safety and long-life performance of the battery packs. IP-Engineering lithium Battery management system is the most configurable and modular one available in the market. We started to develop custom lithium-ion battery packs a long time ago. It results in in-depth knowledge of Lithium Battery Management System. The other competitor doesn’t build battery packs, so how could they know what really works? IP-Engineering has introduced a range of scalable and highly configurable battery management systems which could be used as Electric Vehicle, Solar energy, Marine vessels, large lithium-ion battery packs, Uninterruptable Power System and Hybrid Vehicles battery management system.

Our product is designed at its core to operate in environments with harsh electrical noise. Its performances are excellent as battery management systems for electric vehicles. The advanced design allows our product to withstand very significant EMI that other BMS cannot.

IP-Engineering lithium Battery Management Systems are the outcome of several years of experience delivering custom lithium battery management systems. It has evolved to the point where we can claim it to be one of the most reliable and effective lithium-ion, Lipo, Lifepo4 battery management systems available on the market. Various models are designed for applications ranging from large lithium battery packs grid energy storage systems, telecom power backup, Marine vessels, UAVs & UUVs, and Electric Vehicle battery management systems. IP-Engineering battery management systems could be used as the shelf plug and play product, Semi-custom versions, or full custom design version.