Internet of Things (IoT)

Through end-to-end solutions, we enable our customers to collect real-time data from their preferred device and process information.

IoT is the future

It is all about connections

IoT & clean transport

Towards a low-emission future

IoT in shipping and marine vehicles

IoT monitoring to comply with MARPOL annex VI

IoT in on-road vehicles

Real-time engine emission parameters monitoring

IoT in off-road applications

Predict, Prevent, Profit

Software Development

IP-Engineering creates and develops state-of-the-art vehicle-based software according to customers' requirements.

Software services

Running complex tests for automation systems

Microcontroller Development

Programming 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers based on needs

Web & Mobile development

reliable and cost-effective cloud services

Engine Management System (EMS)

We provide our customers' vehicles with EMS to achieve much better fuel economy, more responsive performance and smaller amount of emission.

EMS Overview

Key functions of EMS


Using EMS to increase UAVs proficiency


EMS for two and three wheelers

Small spark-ignition engines

EMS for garden and light-duty industrial machines